Massage Spas in Bishan, Singapore

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Bai He Spa Blk 152 Bishan St 11

Bai He Spa Bai He Spa @ 152 Bishan Street 11If you’re feeling tense or sore, massage therapy will make you feel better.Foot Massage, Body Massage, Shoulder and Back Massage, Gastrointestinal Lymphatic Therapy, Japanese Imperial Hot Oil Therapy, Gua ShaBlk 152 Bishan Street 11,#01-221 Singapore 570152Call : +65 6258 9897 You might also like: Yi […]

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TherapyGoWhere showcases the finest establishments in this vibrant town, known for its central location and mature residential community. Bishan encompasses areas such as Upper Thomson, Marymount, Shunfu, Sin Ming, Bishan North, and Bishan East, with a variety of private residential properties adding to its allure. This charming locale borders other planning areas, including Ang Mo Kio to the north, Toa Payoh to the south, and Serangoon to the east, while also boasting proximity to the Central Water Catchment in the west.

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Bishan, also known as either Bishan New Town or Bishan Town, is a planning area and matured residential town located at the northernmost portion of the Central Region of Singapore. It is located at the most Central point of Singapore, and it comprises Upper Thomson, Marymount, Shunfu, Sin Ming, Bishan North and Bishan East. There are also many private residential properties in Bishan. Apart from its boundary with the Central Water Catchment in the west, Bishan borders three other planning areas: Ang Mo Kio to the north, Toa Payoh to the south, and Serangoon to the east