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Full Location Address : Blk 727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-4268 Singapore 560727
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Services Provided : Abnormal Posturing , Ankle Pain , Arm Pain , Carpel Tunnel , Headache , Knee Pain , Migraine , Neck Pain , Neurological Disorder , Pregnancy , Sciatica , Scoliosis , Shoulder Pain , Slip Disc/Disc Herniation , Sports Injury , Whiplash
Location : Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, True Chiropractic Ang Mo Kio, Singapore
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True Chiropractic @ Ang Mo Kio 

Established at Singapore in 2010, our Group provides the best chiropractic treatment and quality care to all patients and strives to help every individual achieve his/her optimal health naturally. 

When it comes down to one’s own health, it is both the responsibility of all individuals and of all health professionals to find out what are the options available and in addition, it is the responsibility of all health professionals to inform or educate the public of the benefits or the side effects of other methods and their individual expertise.

This information will allow the public to make a well-informed decision for themselves. We believe that as health professionals, our number one reason of why we are here, is for mankind to have the right to receive the appropriate health advice and best care possible from their expertise. 

Too often, people have suffered and endured pain, dysfunction, chronic disorders and lowered quality of life. These patients are usually left abandoned or have been told that they have to “Live With It!” This is extremely hard to accept. 

Over the past 100 years, chiropractors around the world have experienced, seen, treated with our hands many patients who can testify no more debilitation or discomfort that used to limit their movement, their quality of life, their ability to finally pick up their children and play with them.

These are the inspiring stories that drive chiropractors around the world. 

Chiropractic philosophy is based on the scientific fact that every function in our body is controlled by our brain. The brain controls every cell, organ, structure in our body by sending signals to and fro the spine to those tissues. 

Our body has the natural capacity to heal itself, provided all the correct factors such as proper spinal alignment, nerve flow and nutrition are all in place. If there is any misalignment in our spine, these signals and messages will be interrupted thus affecting our health. 

This is called SUBLUXATION.In True Chiropractic Group, we believe that everyone should be healthy and we achieve this through the most drug-free, non-surgical and natural way that our body has known since the dawn of time. Most importantly, try us first. Do not give up!!!

What Is Chiropractic And How Will It Help You?

Chiropractic treatments are primarily used as a pain relief alternative for muscles, joints and bones. This is achieved through manual therapy including joint adjustment and manipulation with a particular focus on joint dysfunction/subluxations. Chiropractic treatments help get to the root of the problem, instead of continuing to mask issues such as lower back pain, headaches, migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome with pain medication which would otherwise only temporarily relieve the pain.

List of the conditions that True Chiropractic Group treats:

1. Cervical (Vertebrae Related Parts):

   – Headache & Migraines

   – Neck & Shoulder Pain

   – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

   – Slipped Disc

   – Scoliosis

   – Neurological disorders

2. Thoracic (Vertebrae Related Parts):

   – Arm & Shoulder Pain

   – Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

   – Structural Correction

   – Abnormal Posturing

   – Scoliosis

   – Neurological disorders

3. Lumbar (Vertebrae Related Parts):

   – Ankle & Knee Pain

   – Slipped Disc

   – Scoliosis

   – Neurological disorders

4. Pelvis (Vertebrae Related Parts):

   – Scoliosis

   – Neurological disorders

Contact Us: 

Address: Blk 727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-4268 Singapore 560727

Phone No: 6816 8881

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sunday: 8:30am–1pm , 3pm-8pm

*Clinic will be closed on public holidays

Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio (Exit C) NSL , Yio Chu Kang (Exit A) NSL

Bus Services: 13, 86, 138, 162, 573, 581, 741, 851, 852, 853

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child doesn’t have any back pain – why would they benefit from chiropractic care?

   – The birth process is often the cause of your child’s first subluxation. A very soft and undeveloped spine of an infant can suffer trauma during delivery. As children grow up and become more adventurous, they experience countless injuries to their spines. The repeated falls from children learning to walk, run, jump, twisting, bumping, falling, even playing may cause subluxation to your child.

2. What are subluxations?

   – Subluxations are misalignments in the spine which can cause irritation to the nervous system. This results in interference in the communication between the brain, nervous system and the body. Subluxation can lead to many different types of conditions such as lower back and neck pain, headache, migraine, shoulder pain, joint pain, sciatica, disc degeneration and many other problems. 80% of subluxation starts at childbirth.

3. How long has chiropractic been around?

   – Chiropractic is the largest independent healthcare profession in the world, and it was discovered in the US, since 1895, by Daniel David Palmer. The basic principles of Chiropractic remain: it is a natural, drug-free method of correcting vertebral subluxations in order to remove nerve interference.

4. Is chiropractic safe?

   – Chiropractic care is a natural approach to better health that is proven safe and effective. There is more chance of being hit by lightning than to have a adverse reaction to a chiropractic adjustment. It has been shown that chiropractic is several hundred times safer than the use of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories).

5. How long will I need chiropractic care for?

   – Chiropractors need to know what is happening with your spinal structure in order to suggest the best treatment recommendations. Radiographic images allow us to see not only the overall spinal structure, but the extent of the injury, magnitude of scoliosis Cobb’s angle, the degree of spinal and disc degeneration, bone spurs, and to identity any pathologies such as fractures, cancer, or tumours.

6. Why do chiropractors request X-rays?

   – During the examination of each individual patient, our doctors may suspect a more serious condition or reason to be the root of your pain and discomfort. This may include the following:

a. Traumatic injury / fracture

b. Infection

c. Cancer

d. Tumour

e. Joint Disease

Therefore we may request that you undergo an X-ray exam before we commence treatment. Taking an X-ray will help our doctors to rule out any underlying causes and aid the doctor in recommending the proper course and duration of treatment. We do not request for X-Rays unless our doctors feel it is in your best interest to do so.

The recommendation and request for an X-ray comes from our chiropractor’s integrity to provide the best possible care for the patient.

7. When will I feel better?

   – Everyone is different. Some patients experience almost instant relief. Others may take many weeks to months. Our focus is to remove any blockages to your body’s nerve supply caused by spinal misalignments called subluxations. All cellular repairs are controlled and co-ordinated by your brain through the central nervous system. Our goal is to remove any interferences and allow optimum communication between the brain which controls everything, to the whole body. Healing takes time and it is different for everyone. This is based on the degree of degenerative changes, how long you have had your problem, exercise, stress, diet, lifestyle, and medications you consume and etc.

8. I don’t feel comfortable having my neck adjusted… can you still help me?

   – We use a variety of techniques including adjusting instruments, which are both gentle and effective. The comfort of our patients is a top priority, so we ensure that treatment is thoroughly explained before any treatment takes place.

9. Can chiropractic help people of any age?

   – Yes. The age range of our patients vary between newborns to those who are elderly. Chiropractic has many different types of techniques catered for different types of patients, similar to different types of medication of different doses for varying degrees of conditions and patient tolerance.

Some reviews on True Chiropractic AMK:

1. “I’ve been going to Dr. Justin since Oct 2000. He is very professional and efficient in identifying and making corrections based on issues that I’m experiencing. The staff, SQ, are really helpful, polite, patient, and dedicated too.” – Julius SEAH

2. “Dr. Justin is very professional and has been able to help me and my family with our backaches issue. All the staff are also very friendly and helpful! Definitely will recommend to anyone who needs help to ease their bodyache!” – Bernice Cai

3. “Before I went to Ang Mo Kio True Chiro, I was suffering from a neck problem and back pain. Dr. Justin was very friendly and capable of what he was doing. Within a few sessions, my neck was pain-free, and I feel like it helped to recover my spine. Special thanks to the staff as well because the exercises they have recommended me to do helped me to recover faster. I strongly recommend this place to people who are suffering from spine problems.” – Dilan Jayasinghe

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Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, True Chiropractic Ang Mo Kio, Singapore
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