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Full Location Address : Thong Teck Building #03-08, 15 Scotts Road Singapore 228218
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Services Provided : Face, Nose, Body, Breast, Eyes, Breast Implants , Breast Fat Grafting , Double Eyelid Creation , Eyebag Removal , Gynecomastia , Liposuction , Ptosis Correction , Rhinoplasty , Sculpting , Tummy Tuck
Location : 15 Scotts Road, #03-08 Thong Teck Building, 228218
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The Covette Clinic

At The Covette Clinic, we are here to offer quality aesthetics and plastic surgery treatments for our clients. Excellence is the principle that defines all that we do: the world-class experience we customised for you. Come and experience the prestige of being coveted.

Our Doctor:




Dr Gavin Kang is a fully accredited Singapore plastic surgeon practising plastic surgery since 2005.

After completing plastic surgery training in Singapore, Dr Kang was fellowship trained at the world-class Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan subspecializing in craniofacial cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He further trained in cosmetic plastic surgery in Korea and USA.

Using latest techniques from across Asia and the world, Dr Kang focuses on face and body cosmetic surgery in particular

• Create double eyelids, correct droopy eyelids, remove eyebags

• Refine nose e.g. increase nose height and projection, remove hump

• Breast augmentation/ breast lift/ breast reduction/ breast reconstruction/ gynecomastia

• Liposuction all areas, tummy tuck, body lift

• Fat graft to face for youthful face, fat graft to breast for augmentation

• Face lift to make face younger tighter

• Face contouring surgery for slimmer face and correct long face and buckteeth appearance

• Ear surgery to correct prominent ears

• Botox and hyaluronic filler and other cosmetic injections to make face young

• Laser to brighten face, improve scars and pigmentation, hair removal, tattoo

• Cosmetic genital surgery and laser


Dr Kang was a plastic surgeon at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and is one of few Singapore surgeons fully trained in both adult and children plastic surgery. He takes pride and care to customize surgery for each patient to enhance patient’s appearance, function, social prospects and quality of life.


– Chair, Chapter of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, College of Surgeons, Singapore

– Committee Member, Singapore Society of Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgeons

– Committee Member, Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Singapore

– Member, Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons


– Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (Plastic Surgery)

– Master of Medicine (Surgery) NUS

– Member of Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

– MBBS Singapore NUS

– Master of Bioengineering

Services at Covette Clinic:

For Body: 

1. Non-Invasive Body Aesthetic Treatments:

   a. CoolSculpting: Non-invasive fat freezing treatment.

2. Invasive Body Aesthetic Treatments:

   a. Liposuction: Surgical removal of subcutaneous fat deposits through suction.

   b. Tummy Tuck: Surgical removal of excess loose skin for a flatter, firmer, and tauter abdomen.

   c. CoolSculpting & Liposuction: Combination of CoolSculpting and Liposuction for effective body contouring.

For Eyes:

1. Minimally Invasive Eye Treatments:

   a. BOTOX: Used for reducing crow’s feet and temporal brow lifting.

   b. Fillers: Used for replacing volume loss in tear troughs.

2. Invasive Eye Treatments:

   a. Ptosis Correction: Corrective surgery for droopy and tired-looking eyelids.

   b. Double Eyelid Creation: Achieving symmetrical and prominent upper eyelid folds.

   c. Eyebag Removal: Surgical removal of excessive fat tissue and skin underneath the eyes.

   d. Complete Eye Rejuvenation: Combining non-surgical and surgical procedures to address eye-bags, dark circles, crow’s feet, and droopy eyelids for total eye rejuvenation.

For Face:

1. Non-Invasive Face Treatments:

   a. Pico Laser Toning: Treats large pores, skin discoloration, pigmented lesions, aged skin, and tattoos.

   b. Carbon Peel Laser: Helps control sebum production and eliminates debris and bacteria from the pores.

   c. HydraFacial: Cleanses, exfoliates, extracts impurities, and hydrates the skin in 3 simple steps.

   d. Ultherapy: Non-surgical face and neck lifting with a firming effect.

2. Minimally Invasive Face Treatments:

   a. BOTOX: Helps reduce dynamic wrinkles caused by facial movements.

   b. Skin Boosters: Stimulates collagen production to improve skin texture by refining pores and fine lines.

   c. Fillers: Restores volume loss, improves skin elasticity, and reduces static wrinkles.

   d. Rejuran Healer: Skin healing treatment to repair and rejuvenate aging or damaged skin.

   e. Profhilo: Nourishes skin cells by providing intense hydration from the inside out.

For Breast:

1. Breast Fat Grafting:

   – Excess body fat is harvested and processed to inject into the breasts for augmentation.

2. Breast Augmentation:

   – Breast implants are used to enhance the shape and volume of the breasts.

Contact Us:

Hotline: +(65) 6634 1516

WhatsApp: +(65) 9839 6675

Opening Hours:

– Monday to Friday: 10:00 am – 7:30 pm

– Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

– Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed


Thong Teck Building

#03-08, 15 Scotts Road

Singapore 228218

Some reviews on Covette Clinic at Tong Teck:

1. “I attended talks by Dr Gavin at 33 club on Tuesday. It was a short introduction about the procedure for plastic surgery. We have one to one quick consultation with Dr Gavin with NO charge. One of his staff (sorry I forgot her name) patiently listened to my queries. Dr Gavin is a very nice and humble person. He cares for his patients and won’t anyhow recommend surgery you don’t need to.” – Angelina Chan

2. “When it comes to beauty, sometimes it can be hard to discuss taboo topics like plastic surgery and minor corrections, and I’m glad to have met Covette Aesthetics for a consult session. They aim to help patients visualize their dream of becoming a better version of themselves with peace of mind, and that is so important, especially when it comes to major decisions. I am also reassured that installment plans are available for eligible credit cards and some of the treatments are even insurance claimable. *To discuss with the doctor to find out more!” – Rachel Wong

3. “I had a tele-consultation with Dr Gavin Kang from Covette Aesthetics. It was a great session, as I got to understand more about the cause of my dark circles and what I can do to improve it! Dr Gavin Kang has many years of experience in Plastic Surgery! The services include breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, double eyelid surgery, and more! And the good thing is, it’s also insurance claimable for some treatments, and installment plans are available for eligible credit cards!” – Janice Sia

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15 Scotts Road, #03-08 Thong Teck Building, 228218
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