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Full Location Address : 4 Opal Crescent Singapore 328399
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Services Provided : Full Body Massage , Hot Oil Massage , Ear Cleaning
Location : 4 Opal Cres, Singapore 328399
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Soul Massage (Opal Crescent)

Revitalise your mind, body and spirit with Soul Massage’s both modern and timeless treatments.Our Spa environment is one of relaxation and tranquility where we respect all guests’ right to privacy and serenity.


9AM – 10.30PM DAILY

Call Us: 6291 6583

WhatsApp: 8856 207

Service Menu and Pricelist for Soul Massage in Serangoon:

1. Soul Massage (中式按摩)

   – Duration: 60 MINS – S$58, 90 MINS – S$87, 120 MINS – S$116

   – Deion: A holistic treatment designed to improve the body’s ability to heal itself. The therapist applies targeted pressure in a circular motion, kneads the muscles, or uses rapid percussion. It targets meridians and uses traditional remedial massage techniques to relieve muscle stiffness and eliminate toxins.

2. Soul Signature Hot Oil (心灵热油)

   – Duration: 60 MINS – S$89, 90 MINS – S$132, 120 MINS – S$176

   – Deion: Combines Swedish massage, Chinese massage, and aromatherapy with the usage of hot oil. Swedish massage brings relaxation and healing through kneading and rubbing, Chinese massage stimulates acupressure points to reduce muscular stress and dissolve blockages. The treatment stretches muscles, enhances circulation, and promotes overall health.

3. Ear Refreshing (采耳)

   – Duration: 30 MINS – S$38

   – Deion: Gently removes impacted wax from the ear canal using precision tools. This traditional technique stimulates acupoints, soothes nerves, improves sleep and hearing, prevents blocked ears, and promotes blood circulation in the ears.

4. Ear Candling (耳烛)

   – Duration: 20 MINS – S$35

   – Deion: An ancestral technique for cleansing and detoxifying the ears, sinuses, nose, and throat using herbal cones. It also releases closed pores, regenerates cutaneous breathing, and restores correct tension to the eardrum after experiencing pressure alterations.

Some reviews on Soul Massage: 

 1. “I have visited the shop a few times. On my last visit, I came back for Tracy again. Can tell that she is very experienced in her massage skill. She is very gentle and is able to have good conversation so that I can release my stress from work. After her massage, my muscle ache is gone and I was able to enjoy a good night sleep without too much stress.” – John Loo

2. “Ruby is a skillful therapist. She is able to apply the correct amount of pressure to undo all my knots. She is a very good and professional in giving customer best massage and her energy and passion while helping customer massage is really really good. My body feels much better after each session. Moreover, she is very friendly and makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable.” – Đặng Ngọc Linh

3. “Daphne is a skillful therapist. She knows my pressure points. She is able to apply the correct amount of pressure to undo all my knots. My body feels much better after each session. Also, she is very friendly and makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable – bonus! Highly recommend.” – Sebastian Ng

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4 Opal Cres, Singapore 328399
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