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Full Location Address : 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2345, Singapore 560529
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Location : 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2345, Singapore 560529
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Manhood Massage (JuaGen)

Jua Gen Master is a massage therapy shop located in Singapore and specializes in juagen (抓根), also known as manhood massage and prostate care treatment (前列腺保健) to male customers. 

Jua Gen Master of Miao Shan Therapy is a massage therapy shop located in Singapore and specializes in juagen (抓根), also known as manhood massage and prostate care treatment (前列腺保健) to male customers.

Our authentic juagen (抓根) therapeutic massage orginates from China, which differs from those of juagen (抓根) therapeutic massage in Thailand. 

All our massage therapists are fully equipped and trained under the close supervision of our certified therapist from China.

There are not many juagen therapists that are can offer genuine authentic manhood massage to choose from than Jua Gen Master.

Manhood Massage (Juagen) Services:

JuaGen (抓根): $100.00

Juagen is considered a form of therapeutic massage for the kidneys, the liver, spleen and pancreas, lungs and heart. The treatment also improves blood circulation, bringing nourishment to the sexual glands and organs including the promotion of higher sensibility and sensitivity of nerves in the area. Of course, the most commonly known benefit is the prolonged activity in your sexual well-being.

Prostate Treatment (前列腺治疗): $150.00

Most people have a misconception that JuaGen (抓根) is the same as Prostate Treatment. However, this is not the case to be. Prostate Treatment is usually accompanied with or after JuaGen (抓根) . The number of treatment needed will depends on the severity of one’s condition diagnosed during the JuaGen session.

Some reviews on Jua Gen Master:

1. “Been having backaches, back pains, weakened legs issue for the past 10+years. Initially started seeking medical attention at sgh for a few years but sgh final diagnosis is for me to undergo pain management counseling. Then I switched to private doctors as well as tcm. Have been undergoing acupuncture every Friday till now since 2017 to ease the pain. Happened to know about prostate from friend and begin to understand more online. First few prostate massage providers I found
are no longer in this field then I came across miao shan and decided to give it a try. It was painful on the right side of my lower abs to the thigh area then the lady recommended prostate treatment which is done by lingling later. The prostate treatment last just a couple of minutes which hurts and aches a lot but the backaches and back pain almost totally subsided after the treatment. Will be going for second treatment in a few days time. Hopefully can fully cure my woes soon. Not the cheapest but definitely the most worthwhile for me.” – D Sim

2. “The masseur are very professional, they will explain to you which part of your body the tendons are blocked, and what does it mean/harm to your health. This includes male/female organs (not exactly touching the organs but around the nerves/tendons). After that, will it improve sex life? I think this is subject to individual experience. Can come here to try out, need to call first to make an appointment.” – Jlor

3. “Massage was great, Coco very good and very detailed in all the blockage. It was a wild experience for me. I’m happy with the service. Just feel a bit shocked, will definitely visit again next time!” – Marvin LIOWW

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529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2345, Singapore 560529
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