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Full Location Address : 100 Orchard Rd, #02-44/45/46 Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, Singapore 238840
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Services Provided : Full Body Massage , Body Massage , Aromatherapy Massage , Breast Care , Hot Oil Massage , Lymphoma Detox Massage , Meridian Therapy , Post Natal Massage , Slimming Massage , Moxibustion
Location : 100 Orchard Rd, #02-44/45/46 Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, Singapore 238840
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Welcome to KM Spa, located at 100 Orchard Road #02-44/45/46 Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, Singapore! Our spa offers a range of full body massage and wellness therapy services that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. We have individual massage rooms with attached showers for your convenience and privacy. Our opening hours are from 9am-2am, so you can book an appointment at any time that suits you. You can contact us through our hotline at 6235 2292 or WhatsApp us at 9811 8255. You can also visit our website at to book an appointment today. Our spa is conveniently located near Somerset or Dhoby Ghaut MRT stations and there is a bus stop at Concorde Hotel Singapore. If you are driving, simply park at Concorde Hotel Carpark below our spa and use Promo Code “TAKE5” to get $5 instant discount on all our services to offset your parking charges! Come and experience the best massage services in Singapore at KM Spa.

KM SPA Services Pricelist:

1. Oil Massage (基础油压)

   – Duration: 45 minutes

   – Price: $50

   – A quick relief massage mainly targeting muscle soreness and discomfort. This massage is specifically suited for working adults who want a quick massage session during their lunch break.

2. Lymphatic Drainage + Kidney Care (淋巴排毒 + 肾部保养)

   – Duration: 60 minutes

   – Price: $96

   – Duration: 90 minutes

   – Price: $144

   – Duration: 120 minutes

   – Price: $192

   – This treatment focuses on the lymphatic system, the body’s largest detoxification organ. By dredging the lymph glands and massaging the lymph nodes, waste removal is facilitated. The treatment improves metabolism and strengthens kidney function through pressure and massage on kidney-related acupoints.

3. Aromatherapy Massage (精油舒缓减压按摩)

   – Duration: 60 minutes

   – Price: $78

   – Duration: 90 minutes

   – Price: $117

   – Duration: 120 minutes

   – Price: $156

   – This full body massage utilizes essential oils to enhance fluid circulation and relieve muscle tension and pain. It also accelerates metabolism and promotes blood circulation.

4. Relaxing 3-in-1 Massage (柔式3合1按摩)

   – Duration: 60 minutes

   – Price: $118

   – Duration: 90 minutes

   – Price: $177

   – Duration: 120 minutes

   – Price: $236

   – This massage is suitable for those who prefer a gentler touch and do not enjoy strong or targeted pressure. It incorporates a combination of elbow, palm, finger pulp, and fingertip movements, utilizing three different types of massage techniques to promote relaxation. It helps alleviate stress and anxiety, providing a soothing experience for the body and mind.

5. Meridian Therapy (经络疗法)

   – Price: From $198

   – Meridian therapy applied to different parts of the body effectively improves various conditions such as headache, dizziness, poor sleep, stress, eyesight fatigue, shoulder and neck pain, and promotes blood circulation throughout the body. It is also beneficial for preventing and treating systemic arthritis and other diseases.

6. Unspoken Care (蝶恋花私密护理)

   – Price: From $398

   – This treatment involves comprehensive cleaning, detoxification, and tenderizing of the labia, leaving it moisturized and refreshed. It helps reduce the accumulation of toxins and garbage in the private system, lowering the incidence of gynecological diseases such as cysts and fibroids.

7. Moxibustion (艾灸)

   – Price: From $88

   – Moxibustion, a Chinese herbal medicine therapy, has various benefits such as warming meridians, promoting qi and blood circulation, dispelling dampness and cold, warming the middle qi, eliminating stasis, and dissipating congestion.

8. Other Wellness (其他养生)

   – Price: From $212

   – This category includes various wellness services such as gastrointestinal care, postnatal recovery, breast care, hip deep tissue massage, slimming, and shaping.

Some reviews on KM Spa

1. “The Spa is very clean and peaceful. The reception staff will guide you nicely based on your requirement. I have taken a massage for one hour which is amazing and relaxing. All the credit goes to therapist ‘Annie.’ She understands very well and massages accordingly to reduce all your stress. She is obedient, gentle, and soft. I love to take multiple sessions with her if time permits.” – Ron n

2. “I have been visiting KM Spa several times. The room is cozy and comfortable. I decided to have a 90-minute massage. I believe Linda; she was very professional and courteous, and you will receive a great deep tissue traditional and techniques massage. I feel very refreshing and comfortable after a session. Great job Linda. Thank you.” – dan tang

3. “Was looking for a good massage recently after a tiring day shopping along Orchard Rd. Googled and found KM Spa with good reviews. Decided to visit since nearby. It was a great decision. Nice, relaxing ambiance in the middle of Orchard Rd. The masseur was Linda. She is very skillful and while small in size, she really knows how to use her skills to apply the correct amount of pressure at suitable points, soothing away all the tiredness and body ache. She is also very friendly, knowing when to chit chat and when to keep quiet. Highly recommended!” – Raymond Ch

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100 Orchard Rd, #02-44/45/46 Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, Singapore 238840
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