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Massage Spa/Therapist : Massage Spa
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Email Address : qilingaspa@gmail.com
Suitable for : For Men , For Women , Unisex
Full Location Address : Jurong East Street 31, #01-133 Block 352, Singapore 600352
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Services Provided : Full Body Massage , Body Massage , Hot Oil Massage , TCM Massage , Body Scrub , Cupping , Ear Candling , Ear Refreshing , Scrapping
Location : 352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-133 Singapore, Singapore 600352
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Fusion Massage Spa

Welcome to Fusion Massage serene oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation, where tranquility and bliss await you. At Fusion Massage, we take immense pride in offering a range of exquisite massage therapies that are designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience of pure indulgence. Our team of highly skilled and experienced therapists are dedicated to helping you unwind, de-stress, and achieve a state of complete harmony. Whether you seek relief from muscle tension, want to alleviate stress, or simply wish to pamper yourself, we have tailored treatments to suit your needs. 


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Blk 352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-133 Singapore 600352

Fusion Massage Services and Pricelist:

1. Fusion Massage

   – Duration:

     – 60 Mins: $58

     – 90 Mins: $87

     – 120 Mins: $116

   – Description: Experience the ultimate in relaxation with our Fusion Massage, blending traditional Chinese massage techniques with modern relaxation methods. Therapists are trained in the art of traditional Chinese massage, promoting relaxation, improving circulation, and relieving tension.

2. Fusion Signature

   – Duration:

     – 60 Mins: $89

     – 90 Mins: $132

     – 120 Mins: $176

   – Description: Experience pure sensory bliss with our Fusion Signature massage, incorporating a variety of techniques for a unique and personalized treatment. Skilled therapists use hot oil massage and other methods to relieve stress and tension, promoting deep relaxation.

3. Ear Candling

   – Duration: 20 Mins

   – Price: $25

   – Description: Experience ultimate relaxation with our ear candling service. A safe and natural method using premium quality candles, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Ear Refreshing

   – Duration: 30 Mins

   – Price: $35

   – Description: Try our Ear Refreshing service for a unique way to unwind and de-stress. Experience traditional Chinese ear cleaning using gentle techniques and specialized tools to remove impurities, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

5. Add-Ons

   – Cupping

   – Scraping

   – Body Scrub

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352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-133 Singapore, Singapore 600352
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  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 10:30 pm
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  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 10:30 pm
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  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 10:30 pm
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