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Full Location Address : 190 Middle Road #14-07 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979
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Services Provided : Chiropractic Adjustments , Cupping , Dry Needling , Exercise and Stretch Therapy , Functional Taping , Heat and Cryotherapy , Meditation , Reiki , Trigger Point Therapy
Location : 190 Middle Rd, #14-07 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
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You want different. We made the difference.

Expect the best experience and service from local chiropractors whose heart and soul are in healing and living the best life possible. Expect to know your body and health more than ever, to be in control of your life. YES, the difference is we spend Time & Energy and Love with Each and Every person that trusts us to care for them.

Singapore is Our Home

Our families and future generations will call this Home Ground.

We want to make the difference that leaves behind a legacy of Love, Strength and Truth.

What we have gathered sincerely here in Chirotherapy; the best skills and knowledge in absolute health and wellness. We endeavour to go the extra mile with a heart and purpose that is Real, Pure and Fierce.

Our vision is to create the best health and life possible for all who call Singapore home.

A Better, Greater Life

To experience life at a level without limitation in physical, mental, emotional and energy potential.

We believe having a healthy body, mind and soul with the best team of chiropractic health leaders and adjoining health therapies is the very base of allowing one to build up AND sustain a life to its maximum purpose.

It is without a doubt that once you start chiropractic care at Chirotherapy, you will be joining a family who will Feel, Care, Guide and Support you in your journey through health and a better, greater life.

Team at Chirotherapy

Dr. Audrey

Dr. Audrey is a passionate Singaporean chiropractor who has an innate sense of healing and energy. Her positivity and drive for results will keep you motivated and constantly looking towards a greater life with chiropractic and healing energy. One of her greatest happiness stems from being able to share her love for life with chiropractic and healing through education. Dr. Audrey can often be seen conducting educational talks to big and small groups, enthusiastically and passionately sharing her love and drive for true health and happiness. Dr. Audrey cares for families from as young as babies (even premmie babies!) up to the wiser ages. She always makes an extra effort in knowing her patients and they can trust Dr. Audrey to do her best in every case and situation.

Dr. Nelson

Dr. Nelson is a home-grown Singaporean Chiropractor whose passion lies in empowering the health and wellness of the people in Singapore. His approach to health is simple, care at the core of healing. He believes in providing practical management plans to the potential problem which is flexible but still fulfil clinical standards and patient’s objectives. Often, you will find Dr. Nelson reading, building his knowledge base on healing; finding the best ways to help as many people as possible. As at such, he is adept in dry needling, cupping, Graston TM and functional taping.

Dr. Dan

Dr. Daniel moved to Singapore from New Zealand in 2012 has been practising in Singapore every since. His upbeat, fun-loving and easy going personality brings him closer to his patients which make them feel like friends and family caring for each other. Dr. Daniel is highly talented and passionate about chiropractic and is a firm believer in practising what he preaches. Being physically fit and active is very important to him, and he loves to inspire others to reach their full potential in fitness and healthy living.

Services provided by Chirotherapy:

1. Chiropractic Adjustment

2. Corporate and External Outreach

3. Cupping

4. Dry Needling

5. Exercise and Stretch Therapy

6. Functional Taping

7. Heat and Cryotherapy

8. Reiki and Meditation

9. Spinal Traction Therapy

10. TENS Therapy

11. Trigger Point Therapy

Chirotherapy services and prices: 

# Fees and Charges


1. Initial consultation (new patient): $120

2. Report of findings: $120

3. Standard chiropractic adjustment: $110

4. 12 visits plan: $1080 ($90 per visit)

5. Home visit: $350 – $500


1. Initial consultation (new patient): $120

2. Report of findings: $120

3. Standard chiropractic adjustment: $90

4. 12 visits plan: $840 ($70 per visit)

Additional Therapies:

1. Functional taping: $10

2. Dry needling: $50

3. Cupping: $30

(*Concession rate includes children between 0-21 years old, NSF, and patients above the age of 65 years old)

Some reviews on Chirotherapy:

1. “I always feel very welcomed at Chirotherapy! Everyone here is very friendly and engaging la. I’ve been coming here to see Dr Audrey since I was about 6 months pregnant and my baby is almost 2 years old now. She corrects my posture, she teaches me how to stretch (,okay she’s funny) too. I believe I can get adjusted anywhere, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll feel comfortable anywhere else.” – Widya Ayu

2. “Dr Nelson is very friendly and meticulous, my curved spine improved just after a few sessions and I hardly feel anymore pain. The assistants here are also very friendly and caring. I feel at home here 🙂 highly recommended for all people who have neck pain or back pain.” – Valerie

3. “Working in a very hectic and fast-paced industry, I tend to neglect proper posture while doing my tasks. I frequently experience shoulder and back pain, which Dr. Dan always manages to relieve. Dr. Dan has truly been a miracle of a therapist who not only did his best to treat me effectively but also discovered minor ailments that were being disregarded but still need attention in order to help me feel better. Looking forward to every appointment, indefinitely!” – Nursyahirah Nawawi

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190 Middle Rd, #14-07 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
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