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Services Provided : Arthritis , Back Pain , Chronic Fatigue , Migraine , Neck Pain , Poor Posture , Pregnancy , Sciatica , Scoliosis , Shoulder Pain , Slip Disc/Disc Herniation
Location : 1 Gateway Drive #10-13, Singapore 608531
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Chiropractic Singapore @ Jurong


If you work or live in the West, and are looking for a chiropractor, you’ve come to the right page. 

Looking for a chiropractor near you or in your area of work? That’s a wise choice! 

Chiropractic care typically requires frequent visits on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on the severity of your condition, and how long you’ve been under care for). 

Finding a chiropractor that is located near where you live or work can make it much easier to incorporate it into your routine. 

Chiropractic Singapore is located in Westgate Tower, a commercial property that is strategically located at 1 Gateway Drive. The nearest MRT station is Jurong East station which is a 3-min walk away. 

Coming for chiropractic adjustments during lunchtime will also be a breeze, as we are surrounded by mega malls (IMM, JEM, Westgate, Jcube) nearby with plenty of food options. This makes it convenient for you to come by to get adjusted and grab a bite at the same time. 

If you’re working around the Jurong area or at the International Business Park which is located nearby, we provide chiropractic adjustments at convenient timings for fellow office warriors! 

Each adjustment is usually quite quick (<10 minutes), making it easy for you to pop by. 

We’ve helped many office workers find relief from their back pain and neck pain after spending hours working on the computer. 

If you’ve been silently suffering from these :cry:, it’s time to come in for a check-up. 

Team at Westgate Chiropractic Centre

Yusri Khir Johari (Westgate)

Yusri was born in the United States, raised in Malaysia, and has practiced in both China and Malaysia (talk about being international!). He believes that we should always strive to heal our bodies naturally and holistically, and has followed this calling to help the community through providing the best care possible. As a former semi-pro footballer, he maintains an active sporting lifestyle through trail running and photography.

Diyana Hassan (Westgate)

Diyana grew up in Malaysia and studied chiropractic in New Zealand. Before moving to Singapore, she has had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life in New Zealand. She is deeply committed to assisting children and adults in living their lives to the fullest.  Aside from helping people, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being outside, painting, and baking.

How to get to our Westgate chiropractic centre? 

Our Westgate center is located at the tenth level of Westgate Tower, right next to Bloodbank. The Westgate Tower is connected to the Westgate Shopping Mall at level 2 (near Singapore Post).

Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care:

1. What is the price of chiropractic care?

– The price varies depending on your spinal health and the severity of your pain. Single adjustments cost $110, but treatment plans offer more cost-effective options. Additional adjustments during your care are free of charge.

2. What if I don’t see any results?

– Healing takes time, and individual factors such as age, habits, and the duration of pain can affect the response to treatment. If your symptoms worsen over time, inform the chiropractors for reassessment. Additional adjustments are provided without extra fees.

3. Must I commit to a program?

– It is not mandatory to commit to a program, as pay-per-visit adjustments are available. However, treating the underlying issue through a treatment program provides more holistic care and cost savings in the long run.

4. Will there be re-examinations?

– Yes, re-examinations are scheduled as part of your treatment program to monitor progress and determine if any adjustments are needed.

5. Why do I need a spinal check-up?

– Each person’s condition is unique, and diagnosing the severity of spinal misalignments is crucial in developing the best care plan. Receiving adjustments without a proper check-up is not safe, as your safety is a top priority.

6. How long is the spinal check-up?

– The check-up consists of two sessions. The first session lasts around 40 minutes and includes an initial consultation with the chiropractor to understand your history and pain points, as well as comprehensive spinal tests. X-rays may be required in some cases. The second session, lasting around 45 minutes, involves reviewing the test and X-ray results and recommending suitable chiropractic care.

7. Why are X-rays necessary for chiropractic care?

– X-rays provide a visual understanding and diagnosis of spinal misalignments, showing the severity of degeneration or misalignment. This helps chiropractors accurately and safely understand your condition and determine the required adjustments.

8. Are chiropractic adjustments painful?

– Adjustments to certain joints may feel slightly uncomfortable, but they should not cause pain. After the first adjustment, you may experience mild soreness or discomfort for 12-24 hours. “Cracking” or “popping” sounds may occur during the adjustment as the spine is manipulated.

9. Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

– Chiropractic Singapore prioritizes safety with comprehensive tests, adjustments based on X-ray reports, and a long history of training and experience. Your safety is ensured during chiropractic care.

10. Can I go for chiropractic adjustments after surgery?

– Depending on the type of surgery you have undergone, chiropractic adjustments may or may not be suitable. Discuss your health history with the chiropractors for appropriate advice.

11. How many adjustments will I need?

– The number of adjustments varies depending on your condition and goals. Some seek acute or chronic pain relief, while others focus on posture correction or wellness care. A comprehensive check-up is required to determine the treatment plan.

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1 Gateway Drive #10-13, Singapore 608531
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