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Full Location Address : Rue du Vieux-Collège 12 4th floor 1204 Geneva, Switzerland
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Services Provided : Full Body Massage
Location : Rue du Vieux-Collège 12 4th floor 1204 Geneva, Switzerland
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Balima Day Spa

Balima day spa in Geneva is a best spa for balinese massage, full body massage, deep-tissue massage, body scrub massage, hot-stone massage, reflexology, couples massage and more in Geneva, Switzerland near  France.

About Us

Balima Spa is a wellness sanctuary located in Geneva, Switzerland, offering a unique and enriching experience inspired by the magical spa culture of Bali. Founded by Rhoshinta and Javed, the spa embraces a philosophy deeply rooted in nature and self-care. With a passion for purity and a commitment to providing the best for guests, Balima Spa offers a wide range of relaxation and massage therapies. Their core values focus on the inseparability of a healthy body and mind, the belief in nature as the ultimate resource for well-being, and the power of touch. Additionally, the spa supports Anak, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children from remote villages on the island of Bali. Balima Spa aims to create an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation, inviting visitors to escape to Bali right in the heart of Switzerland.

Our Spa

Balima Day Spa hosts a team of passionate massage therapists whose talent is providing the complete treatment experience. Leave your troubles at the door and let the mystique unfold as we bring the love of Balinese massage to Geneva, Switzerland.

Our treatments include a relaxing Swedish massage, deep-tissue / sports massage, reflexology, exfoliating body scrub, Balinese massage, hot-stone massage, head massage, back massage, foot massage, full body massage and couples massage.

Our Treatments

Sure! Here are the services, durations, prices, and deions for the massages available at Balima Spa in Geneva, Switzerland:

1. The Athlete (*NEW*)

   – Restorative deep massage of the glutes, thighs, calves, and feet. Ideal for promoting muscle recovery post-ski, cycling, running, and sports training.

   – Duration: 45 min – CHF 105, 60 min – CHF 140

2. Executive Back Rub

   – Rejuvenating massage to relieve stress and release tension in the back, neck, head & shoulders.

   – Duration: 45 min – CHF 105, 60 min – CHF 140

3. Reflexology

   – Powerful ancient treatment using trigger points in the feet to stimulate corresponding bodily systems and clear toxins from major organs.

   – Duration: 45 min – CHF 105, 60 min – CHF 140

4. Relaxing Swedish

   – Medium-to-light pressure massage using long, soothing strokes to increase blood circulation and induce deep relaxation.

   – Duration: 60 min – CHF 140, 90 min – CHF 190

5. Mother-to-Be (*NEW*)

   – Relaxing pre-natal massage to soothe and comfort expectant mothers in the 2nd & 3rd trimester. Focused attention to alleviate overworked muscles in the neck, shoulders, back & legs.

   – Duration: 60 min – CHF 140, 90 min – CHF 190

6. Double Expresso

   – A detoxifying 45min Reflexology session followed by a revitalizing 45min Back massage. An efficient 2-in-1 treatment to relieve stress, clear toxins, and realign deep layers of muscle and connective tissue.

   – Duration: 60 min – CHF 145, 90 min – CHF 195

7. California Deep-Tissue

   – Deion: Firm manual techniques to breakdown muscular tension, increase energy flow & replenish tired muscles. Uplifting & energizing effects.

   – Duration: 60 min – CHF 140, 90 min – CHF 190

8. Mandi Lulur

   – Exfoliating body scrub followed by soothing massage to enrich the skin & soul. A beauty ritual originating from Javanese royalty, it uses unique blends of herbs and spices to eliminate dead skin cells and restore life to our largest organ.

   – Duration: 60 min – CHF 150, 90 min – CHF 205 (185 CHF – Summer Deals)

9. Bali Santai

   – Signature Balinese massage combination of acupressure, kneading, and rhythmic movements. Escape to the Island of Gods with this deeply therapeutic and innovative bodywork creation. Authentic techniques that allow your senses to radiate & reminisce.

   – Duration: 60 min – CHF 150, 90 min – CHF 205

10. Batu Panas

    – Invigorating hot-stone massage using riverbed stones full of therapeutic properties. This form of healing triggers a relaxation response in the nervous system and restores fluidity to connective tissue and joints.

    – Duration: 60 min – CHF 150, 90 min – CHF 205

11. Balima Pass

    – Freedom pack of treatment time to enjoy alone or share with a partner/family member. Choose any Balima treatment and deduct the massage time (valid 12 months).

    – Duration: Buy 5hrs get 1hr free (Summer Deals) – CHF 675, 10 hrs – CHF 1’290, 20 hrs – CHF 2’350

Contact Us


Operating Hours

Monday – Friday : 11h – 19h

Samedi : 10h – 19h


Rue du Vieux-Collège 12

4ème étage

1204 Genève, Suisse

Phone / Email

+41 22 731 78 61

Some Reviews on Balima Day Spa

1. “I love this spa. It is an amazing tranquil space away from the hustle and bustle of old town that brings a little bit of Bali to Geneva. I get massages here regularly and have an amazing experience every time.” – Kate White

2. “Amazing place to have an incredible massage feet and back. Very professional and customer-oriented staff. A relaxing place in the middle of Geneva.” – RBD Derwael

3. “Fantastic service, experience, and aura. I’m a return customer because of their ease to schedule, great massages, and welcoming vibe.” – Jacki Evans

4. “Hidden gem on the 4th floor of a charming old building on Rue du Vieux-College is an oasis straight from Bali. The owners created a true 5-senses experience with not only a lovely relaxing professional massage but also the perfect atmosphere in terms of style, smell, cleanliness, and general vibe. Highly recommended, will definitely come back again.” – Assaf A. Harlap

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Rue du Vieux-Collège 12 4th floor 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

- Rating & Reviews

  • March 1, 2024

AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not recommend and highly question the certifications of the practitioners who have ‘years of experience’. I went for a deep tissue massage that felt fine at the moment, however a few days later i had the worst shoulder pain ever. I tried resuming sport but this only made it worse and was forced to see a doctor and physio for two sessions to undo the damage. I have had deep tissue massages worldwide and usually feel great the days later. Better to go see professionals certified at medical standardse as these masseuses are not certified! Whats worse is the owner Rhoshinta kept blowing me off insisting she was on a business trip and when I met her in person, seemed to avoid the issue and was not apologetic at all. Its been weeks and the issue is still not resolved as she said she would refund me and then disappeared. Unbelievable! I have lived in Bali and never imagined treatment like this. I also understood why this place is also very popular amongst male clients. The reality is that this establishment is not a classy place at all

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