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Full Location Address : 150 South Bridge Road, #01-18 Fook Hai Building, Singapore 058727
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Services Provided : Full Body Massage , Half Body Massage , Body Massage , Arm Massage , Abdominal Massage , Back Massage , Neck Massage , Shoulder Massage , Neck & Shoulder Massage , Facial Massage , Foot Massage , Head Massage , Acupressure Massage , Aromatherapy Massage , Bubble Massage , Deep Tissue Massage , Hot Oil Massage , Hot Stone Massage , Herbal Massage , Lymphoma Detox Massage , Oil Massage , Ovary Care Massage , Swedish Massage , TCM Massage , Cupping , Ear Candling , Foot Scrub , Scrapping
Location : 150 South Bridge Road, #01-18 Fook Hai Building, Singapore 058727
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Almond Spa (Chinatown)

Massage in Chinatown. Call / Whatsapp now to 89026542. 

We are located at 150 South Bridge Road, 01-18 Fook Hai Building, Singapore 058727 

Attractive price packages and a very clean environment for a relaxing spa experience.

Almond Spa Chinatown Services Menu:

1. Fullbody massage in Chinatown: A comprehensive massage that targets the entire body, providing relaxation and relief from muscle tension.

2. Foot Massage: A specialized massage technique that focuses on the feet, promoting relaxation, improving circulation, and relieving foot-related discomfort.

3. Body Massage: A therapeutic massage that targets specific areas of the body to alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.

4. Shoulder and Back Massage: A massage specifically designed to address tension and discomfort in the shoulder and back muscles, promoting relaxation and pain relief.

5. Cupping: An ancient Chinese therapy that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction, helping to relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, and promote healing.

6. Ear Candling: A non-invasive technique where a hollow candle is placed in the ear to create a gentle suction, believed to remove excess earwax and promote relaxation.

7. Head Massage: A soothing massage that focuses on the scalp and head, relieving tension, promoting relaxation, and enhancing blood circulation.

8. Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD): An advanced therapeutic method that uses gentle, rhythmic massage to stimulate lymphatic vessels, encouraging the natural flow of lymph fluid and promoting detoxification.

9. Swedish Massage: A massage technique that incorporates various methods to provide healing, relaxation, and stress reduction.

10. Chinese Massage: A type of massage with documented health benefits, including the reduction of stress hormones like cortisol and the increase of serotonin and dopamine levels.

Some reviews on Almond Spa at Chinatown:

1. “Good service. Make u feel very relax n dun feel any pain. The place is nice n clean.” – Michelle Lan

2. “Although Fook Hai Building is old and run down, the moment I stepped into the spa, it’s clean and newly renovated with great ambience. Had my massage by Tina, pretty, polite, professional and skilful. Highly recommended, will definitely visit again.” – Ooi Adrian

3. “Very nice massage, will be bringing my boyfriend together next time !! Love it. Heheee” – Vanny

4. “Very good service, receptionist is helpful. Massage on point. Will definitely visit again.” – Isabel Quek

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150 South Bridge Road, #01-18 Fook Hai Building, Singapore 058727
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  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 10:30 pm
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  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 10:30 pm
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